What is Play To Win?

Play To Win is a hosted web application to help event organizers by automating the player entries, winner generation and reporting features.

Play To Win Features

  • Automate the Play To Win Experience
    • No more paper forms
    • No more compiling and calculating stats
    • Better oversight into how your Play To Win event goes
    • Generate Winners at the click of a button!
  • Easy to use game entry form
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Simple 4 step entry
      • Enter Event Password
      • Select Game and Enter Play Time
      • Enter Players and Ratings
      • Confirm Entry
  • Event Games Page
    • List of what games will be available at the event with links to BoardGameGeek.com and available to registered attendees if you provide the link.
  • Easy to Use Administrative Portal
    • Dashboard for monitoring Game Plays during the event
    • Easy to manage Publishers and Games
    • Search and Import Game Info from BoardGameGeek.com
    • Bundle Games or Expansions
    • Permissions Levels to allow delegation of management tasks in the portal
    • Re-Generate Individual winners if needed
    • Generate reports for publishers quickly and easily

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What are organizers saying?

"Using the Play-to-Win system added a much needed touch of technology to our convention and helped our attendees make the most of our play and win section. The autonomy of the software meant that attendees spent more time playing games, rather than queuing for them and the question about purchasability sparked a lot of practical discussion within the play groups. The statistics provided by the software were invaluable to our sponsors and guaranteed that they would continue to support us in the future with the knowledge that they could get a clear picture on their prospective ROI."

- WellyCon 2018

"I experienced the Play to Win software first as a user at a couple of conventions and was excited to know that it was possible to use it for Board Games at the Beach. It helped out immensely while planning, reporting and most importantly while the board game convention was happening. It was such a time-saver that I wouldn't run another convention that had a play to win table without it. I highly recommend PTW Software for your convention, regardless of the size."

- Andrew Westin (Board Games at the Beach and Cape Fear Games)